Corporate Social Responsibility

Raffineria di Milazzo S.C.p.A has, on its own initiative, adopted Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policies and strategies, as it firmly believes that the CRS procedures are based on its own inspiring values and principles.

Promoting a Corporate Social Responsibility policy requires the support of activities and investments that lead not only to the exclusive economic development of Raffineria di Milazzo, but which also take account of the safety and development of the natural environment and of social context in which the Refinery operates.

The Company carries out various activities geared toward the involvement of, and interaction with, the local stakeholders, such as institutions, associations, schools and citizen groups.

Thanks to the recently held “Fabbrica Aperta” (Open Factory) event, Raffineria di Milazzo has opened the doors of its industrial site to the public. Said event has been replicated on several occasions with the aim to cater to the stakeholders, citizens and families of the employees of the Refinery.

In particular, with regard to the students of the local schools, the visits to the plant sees the participation of circa 400 students a year.