Health and Safety in the workplace

The responsibility for ensuring health and safety in the workplace and respect for the environment at Raffineria di Milazzo lies with specific dedicated structures:

- Head of Prevention and Protection Department;

- Safety, Health and Environment Committees, whose tasks include guidance, coordination, validation, dissemination and promotion of safety, health and environment-related issues;

- Line Committees, which are responsible for the involvement of all company departments in the optimisation of operations which have an impact on safety, health and the environment;

- Third Company Safety Committee, whose tasks include the guidance, coordination, validation and raising of awareness of contractors with the aim to verify that these comply with the regulations and internal procedures of the refinery.

The refinery has always been committed to the compliance with the legislative and regulatory provisions on safety and health in the workplace, with the aim to guarantee the best conditions for the protection of the workers’ health and safety.

Thanks to an intensive health monitoring program, we provide direct assistance to all employees, including third company employees operating within the Refinery, through qualified personnel and suitable structures, which are also able to guarantee 24h emergency assistance.

The refinery performs an accurate and systematic analysis of injuries and accidents in terms of detection, recording, statistical analysis, formulation of proposals for improvement and involvement of staff at all levels. In this context, great emphasis is placed on monitoring the frequency and gravity of the injuries, and reporting is done periodically by the Prevention and Protection Service with the objective, clearly stated and firmly pursued by the entire refinery, of achieving a “zero injury” level.