Product logistics

The petroleum products entering the plant (mainly crude oil) come by sea from various countries.

Once the refining process , is complete, most of the finished products are distributed by sea, especially in Italy, while a smaller part of the finished products products is shipped by land in tanker trucks and through the pipeline that connects the Milazzo Refinery to the nearby San Filippo del Mela.

For the sea handling of our incoming (mainly crude) and outgoing (mainly petrol and diesel) petroleum products, we use our maritime terminal consisting of of two dedicated piers. The piers allow the docking of ships up to 104,000 deadweight tons for pier 1 and up to 240,000 deadweight tons for pier 2.

About 89% of the finished products are shipped by sea to the main Italian ports, such as those shown in the image alongside. The remaining 11% is directed to European and non-European ports.

Source Bds 2022

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