RAM - Chi siamo
RAM - Chi siamo

Who we are

Our vision is to produce high quality fuels using the best available technologies, motivated and professional human resources and respecting the environment and people’s health and safety.

The Milazzo Refinery, also known as RAM, stands out at an Italian and international level as one of the main plants in the oil processing sector for the production of fuels, combustibles and raw materials for the petrochemical sector.

Furthermore, the company is a reference model in the sector for its commitment to safety, reduction of emissions and technological innovation.

With over 60 years of history, and expanding over 212 hectares between the municipalities of Milazzo and San Filippo del Mela, in the province of Messina, it is an integral part of the territory that hosts it..

In fact, the majority of the 600+ employees of the company come from the Valle del Mela. Furthermore, the activity of the Milazzo Refinery makes a decisive contribution to the related activities linked to the operations of the port of Milazzo, since most of the goods that are moved through the port are products coming to and from the refinery.

A strategic asset for the country

The Milazzo Refinery plays a fundamental role in contributing to the country’s energy needs and does so with the highest standards of efficiency, safety and sustainability.

Our History

Since its first starting in 1961, our refinery, then called “Mediterranea Raffineria Siciliana Petroli S.p.A.”, has operated with great attention and respect for the territory that hosts it. With the expertise and the high level of technological innovation achieved, it adopts effective investment strategies in research and development to make its production processes increasingly sustainable and contribute to the country’s energy transition process.


The refinery is established under the name “Mediterranea Raffineria Siciliana Petroli S.p.A.”

Entry into operation

In October 1961 the refinery began operating.

Agip Petroli owner

Agip Petroli buys back shares and restarts part of its plants after shutdown due to the energy crisis.

Change of company name

The company is transformed into “Raffineria Mediterranea S.p.A.”

Merger into Agip Petroli

Raffineria Mediterranea S.p.A. merges into Agip Petroli.

New company name

The Milazzo Refinery S.p.A. is established.

Joint Venture

Kuwait Petroleum Italy: buys 50 percent of the company’s shares.

Consortium company

Milazzo refinery becomes an S.C.p.A.

Eni enters

Eni takes over from Agip Petroli in the joint venture following the merger.

Change of legal headquarters

The legal headquarters are moved from Rome to Milazzo.

Acquisition “Servizi Milazzo Srl”

The HMU2 plant operator’s business unit is acquired with the creation of “Servizi Milazzo Srl.”

Acquisition “Termica Milazzo”

The cogeneration thermal plant “Termica Milazzo” is acquired.

Merger of Milazzo Services

Merger by incorporation of Servizi Milazzo Srl into Raffineria di Milazzo S.C.p.A.

Connection with Termica Milazzo

The electrical connection with Termica Milazzo is implemented.

Merger of Termica Milazzo

Merger by incorporation of Termica Milazzo into Raffineria di Milazzo S.C.p.A.

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Our governance

We are a joint stock consortium company (S.C.p.A.) and our shareholders are Eni S.p.A. and Kuwait Petroleum Italia S.p.A. (known with the commercial brand Q8), each owning 50% of the shares.

Both pay the Milazzo Refinery a fee equal to the sum of all costs for the processing of their crude oil, therefore, as established in our statute, we close our budgets in balance.

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Our principles. our la nostra ethics

Our principles and values that inspire us in our work, contained in the Code of Ethics, are: respect for the law, respect for the environment, transparency, honesty, loyalty, correctness and confidentiality. The Code of Ethics clearly and explicitly defines the rules of conduct and the ethical and social responsibilities of management and employees. It, in turn, is part of our Model 231,a very important tool, required by law, to ensure the ethical and transparent management of the Company. As indicated by the Model itself, we have set up an independent Supervisory Body which is responsible for supervising and verifying its effective implementation.

The “Model 231” came into force in Italy with Legislative Decree 8 June 2001, n. 231, with the aim of providing companies with an Organisation, Management and Control Model. The provision introduced the discipline of the administrative liability of companies, which can be held responsible for crimes committed by employees in the interest of the company and, consequently, sanctioned. The adoption and effective implementation of organisational, management and control models suitable for preventing crimes allows the company to exclude these forms of liability. The Code of Ethics is an integral and substantial part of Model 231.

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