The Milazzo Refinery, thanks to its experience and its propensity for innovation, can be an important resource for the country’s energy transition. In recent years, various study projects and solutions have been implemented to optimise processes and obtain increasingly sustainable products.


We started processing vegetable oil in the same process used for fossil cars (coprocessing). The product obtained is a biofuel called HVO (hydrotreated vegetable oil), which makes it possible to generate a blend of conventional diesel containing a fraction of biofuel, which can be used by vehicles already on the road.

Biocarburanti dagli oli vegetali usati (HVO- hydrotreated vegetable oil) e dalle biomasse delle colture alimentari


We are studying to produce Biofuels from used vegetable oils (HVO- hydrotreated vegetable oil) and biomass from food crops

In this case, we envisage the integration of a hydrogenation unit to the existing refinery facilities for the hydrogenation treatment of used cooking oil (UCO) and/or regenerated frying oil (RUCO) and animal fats (tallow).

Green Hydrogen e CO2 Capture

We are researching solutions to produce green hydrogen through an electrolysis process, which in turn is fuelled by renewable energy from our photovoltaic panels.
In addition, to reduce the environmental impact of our processes we are evaluating available technologies for capturing the carbon dioxide emitted, based on the “capture and utilisation of CO2” scheme.