Human Resources

Human resources are an essential part of the life of the Company. In order to build its future, Raffineria di Milazzo has focused on the primary objective of bringing out the best in its people - enhancing their capabilities in line with the business development strategy – and protecting the Company’s unique expertise.

The system for evaluating potential and individual capabilities and the involvement and outreach activities – through training and communication – are an essential part of the staff management and development process.

Raffineria di Milazzo offers its staff and their families a host of social activities, which are aimed at improving the balance between private life and professional life. A well-structured system of family, welfare and health care-related services, combined with a number of leisure time benefits, all contribute to a positive work environment.

Raffineria di Milazzo has also contributed to the inception and development of the leisure time Association, known as Mediterranea Club, which manages non-profit recreational, cultural and sports activities.

The entire staff at Raffineria di Milazzo shares the company’s culture and values, which are based on transparency, integrity, attention to safety in the workplace and environmental commitment.


Profile of the RAM Staff

Every day, approximately 600 people work at our Company. This figure has been constant over time, denoting a well-established and consolidated structure.

The structure of the refinery, for its continuous production process, requires a staff working three eight-hour shifts (61%), in addition to the regular day shift employees (39%).

The average age of the refinery staff is 40 years.

Our staff at Raffineria di Milazzo is well trained and highly qualified. Over the years, our policy of hiring staff with a university or trade school degree, replacing people with a lower educational level, has allowed us to constantly improve the level of professionalism. Today, nearly all our employees have a high/trade school degree(80%) and the number of university graduates is constantly growing (17%).

As a testament of the close relationship that exists between the Company and the Community, 90% of RAM staff comes from the Messina area.

Several third companies specialised in various sectors work at the refinery. Their number varies depending on the planned building and maintenance activities. The estimated number of third company staff operating on a monthly basis within the premises ranges from a minimum of 500 to a maximum of 1,700 at peak times for major turn-around maintenance activities.