The main objective of Raffineria di Milazzo is the safety of its staff and that of third parties operating within the company premises, as certified by the Company Policy on Safety, Health and the Environment.

The culture of safety at Raffineria di Milazzo involves the entire staff, which is required to follow a periodic theoretical and practical training program with fire prevention drills carried out at the Refinery Test Grounds.

The Refinery has its own internal fire fighting team, consisting of a team leader and specially trained officers who, together with the local operating staff, form the Emergency Team. Among the various training activities, particularly significant are the emergency simulations carried out periodically in the various areas of the industrial site. Moreover, emergency drills are performed on a periodical basis jointly with the National Fire Fighting Department.

The site is subject to general laws applicable to the sector, which contain specific provisions on the risk of major accidents, providing for a series of requirements including an in-depth analysis of own risks and the preparation of a Safety Report, the adoption of measures for the prevention and mitigation of possible accident scenarios and the application of the Internal Emergency Plan (IEP).

In addition to observing the current laws, Raffineria di Milazzo is required to comply with the provisions of the Safety Regulations, which govern all prevention activities in port areas (Port Authority of Milazzo).

The Safety Management System (SMS) adopted by Raffineria di Milazzo complies with the laws on the risk of major accidents and, furthermore, requires the adoption of specific safety procedures for accident prevention purposes.

As a further requirement, the External Emergency Plan, which covers all possible major accident scenarios, has been laid out through the preparation of a document by the work group coordinated by the Messina Prefecture. The Messina Prefecture is in charge of the distribution of said document.

On the website of the Municipality of Milazzo, in the Civil Guard section, there is also the card “Information on the risk of accidents at RAM”.

Raffineria di Milazzo pays great attention to safety also with respect to its structures. The design of installations, safety systems and fire prevention equipment is not only compliant with currently applicable laws and regulations, but it also makes use of more advanced technologies. The fire prevention systems are tested more frequently than required by regulations.

Moreover, Raffineria di Milazzo, based on a study conducted in cooperation with the Istituto Italiano della Saldatura (Italian Welding Institute), has implemented a system for the systematic monitoring and analysis of risks related to all its installations. This system, known as RBI (Risk Based Inspection), considers the causes of damage to the equipment and assigns a risk class to each one of them, providing clear instructions on the related inspections and maintenance operations to be performed.