Tank Farm and Oil Movement

Two piers and a tank farm belong to RAM Logistics.

Pier #1 is 500 m long whilst Pier #2 is 650 m in length.  Over 650 vessels per year have been handled in the last three years with an average annual movement of raw materials and products of about 12,000,000 ton.

Finished products are mostly shipped to the Shareholders terminals (Palermo, Venice, Naples, etc.) whilst petrochemical feeds are mainly shipped to Italian petrochemical plants or, just for propylene, to French and Spanish ones.

A small amount of finished products is shipped by trucks to the local market. A pipeline allows deliveries of fuel oil to the nearby Power Station.

The refinery tank farm has about 170 floating-roof tanks providing total storage of about  4,100,000 cubic meters. LPG storage consists of several buried tanks, in accordance with the international best practice for safety in LPG storage.