Installation of new power plants, Refinery and Municipalities reach agreement

On the 19th of January 2023, the Refinery signed an agreement with representatives of the municipalities of Milazzo, San Filippo del Mela and the city of Messina related to the delivery of control units requested by the mayors partecipating at the Services Conference AIA in 2018.

The document was signed after a meeting held at the Comune di Milazzo among General Director, Marcello Tarantino, Mayor of Milazzo, Giuseppe Midili, the council member of Comune di San Filippo del Mela, Francesco De Gaetano, delegated by mayor Giovanni Pino and Giuseppe Cacciola, pubblic officer at the “Città Metropolitana” Administration of Messina.

Two out of three control units, previously purchased by the Refinery, are going to be assigned to the town of Milazzo whereas the remaining one to the one of San Filippo Del Mela.

The agreement states, as agreed by the representatives, that the control units will be installed by the Refinery team, while their specific use will be agreed with ARPA Office over next few days as requested by the mayors.